Friday, August 26, 2011

Before & After Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Mariah Carey Before & After Plastic Surgery
There are rumors that Twilight star Robert Pattinson has had plastic surgery, making him look more masculine. If you examine these photos from, you can see why people believe he may have had a rhinoplasty and jaw implants. His nose appears straighter and his jawline appears more filled out. A jawline implant is very similar to a chin implant, in that they are both usually made of solid silicone rubber. Another way to fill out the jawline is to use fat grafting.
Demi Moore Before & After Plastic Surgery
Megan Fox Before & After Plastic Surgery
Anna Faris Before & After Plastic Surgery
Kate Winslet Before & After Plastic Surgery
victoria beckham Before & After Plastic Surgery
Look at the Fergie plastic surgery before and after pictures and I wanna know what has she not gotten done yet?!! I know she must of had an eye lift and botox.

New Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

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  1. I guess surgery is necessary for people if they want to improve their self-esteem. Well, I can't blame them if the results are like that.

    Dennis Rode


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