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Body Piercings

Body Piercing
The trend of body piercing is catching on and so is the variety of body jewelry that is worn by people all around. There is more innovation applied towards the designing of body piercing and non-piercing jewelry. Unlike earlier times, nowadays, different unlikely parts of the body are also being pierced and that has consequently led to the invention of newer designs to suit the shape of that place.
Body Piercing and body jewelry might make a style statement but one should make sure that one takes proper precautions and proper care after the piercing is done and it heals up to prevent oneself from unnecessary hassles, pains and scars.
A small Introduction in the History of Body Piercing
Body piercing has been practiced by many peoples all over the world. This habit dates all the way from ancient times. The oldest mummified body discovered so far with an earring is that of Ötzi the Iceman (from about 3300 BC), which was found in an Austrian glacier. The earring measured 7-11mm in diameter.
Nose piercing has been common in India since the 16th century.
Tongue piercing was popular with the elite of Aztec and Maya civilization, though it was carried out as part of a blood ritual and such piercings were not intended to be permanent.
Ancient Mesoamericans wore body jewelry in their ears, noses, and lower lips, and such decorations continue to be popular amongst indigenous peoples in these regions.
Body piecing in modern history
In the United States, it became quite poplar only after the 60′s, when it was adopted by women and men in the hippie and gay communities, and later the punk subculture, they used most body jewelry.
By the 1980s, male ear piercing had become somewhat common in the United States, although men usually only pierced one of their ears. Today, single and multiple piercing of either or both ears is extremely common among Western women, and fairly common among men.
Body piercing is returning to the mainstream of modern Western cultures as attitudes and values change. Piercings that don’t conform to cultural norms – for example, facial piercings or ear piercings for men – can still be considered inappropriate.
While some people consider body modification with Body Jewelry to be a sign of non-conformity, others deride body piercing as trendy. This can at times lead to prejudice or cognitive bias against those with piercings or visible signs of past piercings.
There are several kinds of non-body piercing jewelry which can give you the look as if the piercing has been done but then you can adorn yourself without having to go through the excruciating pain and this is not hearsay but experience.
*One of them is the clip-on earring that can also be worn as a naval ring.
*Ear cuffs are also curved metal bands that press against the ear and keep on pinching it. That is how it sticks to the ear.
*Magnetic Earrings look very real and it seems as if the person is wearing a stud. The ear stud is visible in the front and is held back by a magnet that is on the back of the ear lobe.
*Stick-on earrings have adhesive backs which stick to the ear lobe.
*The hoop pinches on the ear lobe and give it a look which suggests that the ear is pierced.
*Spring Hoops stick to the ear by means of a spring force.
Extreme Popular Body Piercings ArtBody piercing is when a needle is put through part of the body and then a foreign object is inserted as jewellery. Eventually, the skin around the jewellery heals and a hole is left. The hole is the piercing. It is perfectly safe when done by professionals who are careful.DO NOT pierce your own belly button. The piercing needs to be done with a sterilized needle, gloves and other sterilized pieces of equipment.
Belly Button piercing has been prevelant for centuries and can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Indians. Body piercing made a statement and stood for their status in society. Many piercings were believed to represent a connection with the Gods. As time evolved, society and the perception of piercing changed, the only accepted piercings were that of the ears of women. The truth be told is that body piercings, especially rings look good.

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