Sunday, July 24, 2011

Braid Men Hair Style

Who says hair braiding is for women only? Whether you’re looking for male hair braiding styles for your Caucasian hair, such as French plaits, or for African braiding styles, such as cornrows, you’ve come to the right place for plaiting ideas.
Men long hair style with braid
Brazilian Braid Men Hair Style
All About Models Braid Men Hair Style
One hot hair braiding look is the Legolas braid, of The Lord of the Rings trilogy fame, ideally suited for men with straight medium to long hair. This hairstyle consists of three braids: two very slender braids that begin at the sideburns and one long herringbone plait started at the crown of the head. Most of the hair is left free-flowing. You can also copy other Elvish braid styles, such as Elrond’s, which you will find similar to the Legolas braid.
Trendy Braid Men Hair Style
Cool Braid Men Hair Style
If Middle Earth looks are not you, however, try cornrows, ideal for thick, curly hair of any length. You can have this hair braiding style applied straight across the board or in complicated circular or geometric patterns. Or you can settle for some braided dreadlocks a la Rastafarian - best if your hair is shoulder length - or some awesome-looking two-strand twists. Athletic braids are also incredibly suited for men. Since these braided hair styles last much longer -cornrows, for example, last two months - make sure that you consult a hair stylist before braiding. Your hair needs to be in optimum condition before submitting to any hair braiding stress.

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