Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korean Fashion Style

Not only make up and Korean hair style that is now popular for women. But, the fashion style, is also ogled too. This Korean fashion style that comes out of the rule is able to attract the attention of many fashion lovers in the world. Then what kind of that Korean fashion style?
Many countries that could be a reference to a variety of fashion trends. And, which is often used as a fashion direction of the world is Paris and Rome. However, in the Asian region itself, there are some countries that are also used as a fashion direction of Asian style. The country are Japan, South Korea and Hong kong.
Korean Style or K-Style itself became known as the trendsetter in Asia since early 2000. South Korea is the vanguard. Beginning with the invasion of drama series and film production from ‘Ginseng State’ which invaded world since early 2000s.
No doubt, the style of the celebrities and Korean girls also be the attention of women in the World. Evidently not a few of the socialite who adopted the K-Style and Korean clothes.
Typical Korean clothes with a combination of long coat, blazer, vest, coat or jacket, turned out to provide synchronized, there must separate.
If in general in the World, jackets, vest or long coat is used for special occasions, the Korean clothes like that would be worn for everyday activities by the Korean girls.
According to one of the fashion designers, fashion characteristic of Korean clothes is the courage to do a hit-color to come out from the usual style. For example, if there can be no motive print scissors, the skull, and a creepy-scary of couture, but in the [Korean clothes] styles allow it.
For the color selection, Korean clothes style tend to choose colors that shade the eyes. The colors brown, black, blue, gold, pink and gray often dominate. And, the colors are combined mutually with each other.
In addition, in K-Style or Korean style, scarves that made from knit are often worn. In addition to resist the cold weather in Korea, scarves also to add the sweet fashion style requires modern Korea.
While for motives, Korean style is crowded and ‘collision’. This means both fashion and accessories that worn sometimes can crash, daring play the color.
Sometimes not enough just to dress, but also many details are added deliberately so that seem more crowded. Usually motifs that used are more on the balls motive, flowers and motifs that crowded nuanced.
For accessories, matching long necklace of beads or stones and bracelet, will highlight the feminine impression.
With that characteristic, the Korean clothes style was more suitable for they are young. Because these characteristics suggest energetic. But, it is possible those who are youthful wear it. To be sure, would still have to be adjusted with the body shape and character of each.
Hopefully by reading this article may inspire you in Korean clothes style..

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  1. korean fashion is good in matching cloth with suitable fashion accessories....such as necklace, cap and glasses which add lot of points to them


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