Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are well known and quite popular among people of different age groups. Every one loves to own a leather jacket. Although they are highly popular at times it happens that after buying leather jacket you feel that probably the leather apparel which you have brought is not of good quality. Here are some of the tips to help you distinguish between high quality and low quality leather jacket.
1) Leather type: -
The first thing is to know which quality leather is being used to make jacket. Usually coats made out of cow hide are very common but they are not the best one. Coats made up of lamb leather are the best as they are lighter in weight and most comfortable to wear. Apart from this it also has fewer scratches which help to give leather a uniform look.
2) Lining:-
Before buying always check for the lining of the jacket. Most of the people neglect this part of inspection which is very important. Lining basically indicates the class of craftsmanship. A good lining of coat indicates that leather is of good quality. Coats with Thinsulate lining are best to stay warm.

3) Manufacturer:-
Before buying leather jacket check its manufacturer. It is better to select manufacturer who is well known for producing good leather. It is also alright if you select some local manufacturer as in case of problem they are the one who can help you instantly.
4) Proper Finishing:-
Usually the leather jackets with good finishing are the one which lasts for a longer time. You can make out through detailing like zippers / buttons on them. Are they one with good design or looks cheap
William Rast Leather Jacket
Diesel Jiorj Leather Jacket
here’s the hottest jacket of the forthcoming season: the Diesel Jiorj Leather Jacket. This slim-fitting, durable leather jacket has all the pocket and collar detail of a military-style jacket but a slick, leather look to make it a bit more stylish. Rock this one in the fall, you won’t want to retire it when the temp flirts with zero…
Harley Davidson Reflective Road Warrior Leather Jacket
Midweight leather, mandarin collar, front and back vertical vents and shoulder vents. 100% polyester mesh fixed lining. Removable hooded cotton vest can be worn separately. Two-way zipper front. Action back. Pre-curved sleeves with two-way zipper vents on cuffs. Zipper hand-warmer pockets, two inside pockets, waterproof cell phone pocket, and MP3-player pocket. Reflective piping. Graphics on front and back with reflective appliques with embroidery.

There are certain things in this world that no badass should live without, among them - a perfectly tailored suit, a good woman, a fast car and last but not least:
A Fitted Leather Jacket.
Now, many of you would never even have considered ever donning a leather jacket. For fear of Fonzie, or for fear of an already insanely warm climate (Malaysians, you know what I'm talkin' bout). Fair enough. Leather jackets are not tropical country standard issue.
But if you're going on an overseas trip to a temperate country, and, like most straight men, you do not see the logic in bringing 3 suitcases (1 for shoes, 1 for winter clothing and 1 for standard run of the mill necessaries), man, do I have a prescription for you.
The next time you take a trip to a country that has more seasons than you have hands, the only article of temperate clothing you need is a fitted leather jacket
A fitted leather jacket can take you from an afternoon at the Lourve to an evening of love.
Wearing a suit jacket during an evening date may be perfectly acceptable (and arguably the norm), but consider this: anyone who trots around day and night in a suit jacket is likely to be seen as trying a little too hard. Plus, it's not as cool anymore because too many guys are doing it.
A fitted leather jacket, on the other hand, sends out subtle tones of nonchalance stirred in with a dash of rugged suaveness - the holidaymaker sweet spot, so to speak.
A fitted leather jacket is also perfectly suitable for a night out with a special lady - so long as you're not taking her to a black tie event, wearing a fitted leather jacket over a crisp white shirt makes you look laidback, approachable and fun, as opposed to donning a relatively more uptight suit.
Make sure you get a fitted leather jacket, and not one which makes you look like you're hoarding weapons of mass destruction. And I'm not referring to your 'guns'.

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